08:15 - Registration & coffee

08:55 - Welcome by Chairman - Sebastian Schierenbeck /// Apricum

9:00 - Three-year outlook for solar energy cost developments

  • The international outlook for cost reduction in the solar industry value chain 
  • How much cheaper solar PV systems will become 
  • Impact of global industry developments on Mexico’s solar business:
    • Overcapacity
    • Technology developments
    • Cost and price declines 

Sebastian Schierenbeck /// Sr. Consultant - Apricum

9:20 - Impact of the Mexican Energy Reform on the PV solar industry

  • Highlights of the Energy Reform in a nutshell
  • Timing, new institutional framework and how the new wholesale market is likely to work
  • How will the new situation affect the government’s attitude towards solar? 
  • Government’s roadmap to 35% renewable generation in 2024

John Padilla /// Managing Director - IPD

9:40 - Mexico's new energy market: government's perspective 

  • Policy changes that are expected to impact the energy market
  • What will CFE's role be regarding solar PV in the new situation?
  • Impact of expected increased volumes of cheap natural gas supply for power plants on the solar PV market?
  • How the energy mix will (have to) develop
  • Government's current perspective on solar PV as a viable source of electricity generation

Antonio Pérez Rodríguez /// Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Bioenergy - SENER

10:05 - Mexico's new energy market and the role of solar PV

  • Overview of solar installation in Mexico to date and future potential
  • How and where can solar economically compete?
  • Update on the main regulatory instruments for solar PV
  • Key structural issues needed to ensure solar PV success 

10:30 - Coffee break

Meet the sponsors and share your strategic insights with the other participants.

11:10 A Breakthrough Year for Mexican PV: Drivers, Opportunities, and Pitfalls

  • Mexico PV in the global context
  • Scoping the fundamentals in the Mexican market
  • What market segments will see growth, and the drivers for that growth
  • What barriers still exist in the market and possible solutions

Adam James /// Solar Analyst - GTM Research

11:30 - Residential PV: mission impossible - or are there hidden opportunities?

  • Where and for whom does residential PV make sense?
  • Overview of current (local) incentives and residential electricity tariffs.
  • The business case for an average household today.
  • Innovative business models that could work: 
    • Leasing
    • Ownership
    • Collective purchasing

Andrés Múgica Jiménez de la Cuesta /// Country Manager - Enerland Mexico

11:50 - Utility-scale PV projects: practical experiences and lessons learnt 

  • The dos and don'ts of building a large solar PV project in Mexico
  • What does a business case for a multi-megawatt PV plant look like? 
  • Realistic LCOE calculation (in $/kWh) for a project implemented in 2014
  • How to deal with all involved governmental and local stakeholders

Hector Olea /// President & CEO - GAUSS Energia

12:10 - Plenary discussion with the end consumer

  • What (renewable) energy solutions do energy-intensive users require?
  • What does a typical electricity consumption pattern look like and what are the related costs?
  • The perspective of the actual potential customer

Juan Andrés Ruiz Figueroa /// Subdirector de Administración de Energía - Walmart

Edgar Arvizu /// Head of Power Markets & Strategy - Gestamp Solar

Ramón Pérez Sicard /// Evaluación de Proyectos - Grupo Bimbo

12:40 - Networking lunch

The optimal networking platform for all participants. The buffet lunch is the ideal moment to meet the sponsors, share your knowledge and meet your future business partners.

13:50 - Investors’ perspective: what is required in order to realize the market potential of solar PV?

  • Current financing obstacles for the developer
  • Range of domestic/international debt and equity funding sources available
  • What are the conditions and requirements for financing a PV plant? 
  • Successful international examples
  • Market potential for private PPAs in Mexico

Eduardo Reyes /// Sr. Strategy Manager Energy & Infrastructure - PWC

14:10 - Perspective of a commercial bank: the future of financing solar PV in a market without incentives

  • Removing the barriers for banks to finance PV projects
  • Lessons learned from utility and commercial PV project development financing
  • Impact of future expected credit rating upgrades in Mexico
  • Potential for increased domestic lending following recently passed financial and banking reforms 
  • Realistic financing structures for the near future

Timothy C. Kim /// Senior Loans Officer - Export-Import Bank of the United States

14:30 - The vision of the development bank: what does a successful business case for PV project financing look like?

  • The development bank’s approach to solar project development
  • The Mexican case: the first multi-megawatt plant 
  • Impact of recently implemented financial and banking reforms expected to increase development bank financing by 15% in 2014?

Samuel Surtees /// North American Development Bank

14:50  Creating the right conditions for profitable and low-risk investment in PV

  • State of domestic PV supply market
  • What are important conditions for creating an interesting investment opportunity? 
  • How to choose the right materials and solution providers
  • International best practices: dos and don’ts from developed markets

Jorge Melero /// Country Manager - Astrom Technical Advisors

15:10 - Coffee break

Meet the sponsors and share your strategic insights with the other participants.

15:50 - Opportunities for Mexico as a manufacturing hub for Central America

  • Update on Mexico’s relevant local content requirements and import taxes 
  • Current developments from a market leader’s perspective
  • The opportunity of creating a solar PV manufacturing hub

Miguel Medina /// General Manager - Solartec

16:10 - Industry perspective from an international business development veteran

  • Product trends and technology improvements you need to know about
  • What are the expected cost reductions for solar modules?
  • How can a manufacturer help with project development and financing?

Arturo Herrero /// CSO and Director Emerging Markets - Jinko Solar

16:30 - Inspiration for growth: lessons from abroad

  • How can Mexico sustain solar energy growth without subsidies in a wholesale market? Reflections from international experiences
  • Which successful international business models could be applicable in Mexico?
  • How to sell solar: crucial input on creating successful marketing strategies 

Thierry Lepercq /// Chairman - Solairedirect

16:55 - Mexico’s inevitable solar future

  • What is the long-term market perspective for solar in Mexico? 
  • Mexico’s roadmap to 5 GWp of installed solar capacity in 2020
  • Solar will become Mexico’s cheapest source of electricity 

Danny Kennedy /// Co-Founder, Senior VP - Sungevity

17:20 - Informal networking and cocktail drinks

Share your knowledge and meet your future business partners.