Solar Facts & Figures Mexico

Throughout the last few years, Mexico has been acclaimed as a solar photovoltaic paradise. At this moment, Mexico is part of the global IHS Top 3 of countries with the most solar potential. According to Adam James (GTM Research), Latin America will be poised for gigawatts of solar growth. We can also see a trend where many end-users in Mexico are increasingly getting involved in commercial scale solar in order to hedge the electricity bill. However, solar power is underutilized due to lacking equity financing.

In the background of Mexico’s solar promise, we find high electricity tariffs, a major energy reform, and plenty of legal uncertainties. In this report by Solarplaza, readers will learn about legislative developments and the effect of these developments on Mexican project development. Furthermore, this report provides analysis of the electricity reform from both a legal and a financial point of view. Be informed about the latest news and developments within the Mexican solar market!

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