High Profile Speakers to attend El Futuro Solar: Mexico

MEXICO CITY – This March, Mexico City will once again set the stage for the El Futuro Solar: Mexico, an event organized by SolarPlaza. Held on March 6th as part of the 5-day Solar PV Trade Mission, it promises to be a distinguished event, with many high profile speakers scheduled to appear. Mexican participants will find potential foreign counterparts that are looking for partnerships to take advantage of a growing solar market in Latin America's second largest economy.

Amongst the participating heavyweights from the sector will be John Padilla (Managing Director of IDP), Timothy Kim (Senior Loans Officer of the Export-Import Bank of the United States), Thierry Lepercq (Chairman of Solairedirect) and Vicente Estrada-Cajigal (President of Solartronic). They will set the stage for a spirited discussion on the increasing potential of Mexico's solar market.

Thierry Lepercq is one of those participants enthusiastic about Mexico's future in renewable energy. His company, Solairedirect, is moving into the country and is, according to him, 'beyond the exploration phase'. “Outside of Chile, Mexico is the country in Latin America where we spend most of our time. We intend to open an office there within the next few months”, he says. “Apart from getting brand recognition, the El Futuro Solar: Mexico presents an opportunity for us to show what can be done in other markets, especially emerging ones.”

To many speakers and participants, 2014 marks an especially crucial year for the Mexican solar PV market, after the Mexican congress approved a proposal by president Enrique Peña Nieto last year aimed at changing the constitution and opening the energy sector, which is now dominated by state oil compant Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and public utility Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

“It's a very important change, because the market is moving from closed to open”, says Vicente Estrada-Cajigal, president of Solartronic. “It is likely that private investors will allow a level of competition that should improve quality and services.”

The first edition of El Futuro Solar: Mexico, held last year, was a very succesful event that offered domestic players in the sector a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas and engage in partnerships with potential foreign investors. This year's edition promises the same and more, especially for Mexican firms looking to take advantage of a more open market. 

“There is obviously a need for good access, and we think the best way to gain that in Mexico is through working together with local partners”, says Thierry Lepercq. “In India and Chile we did it by ourselves, but Mexico is a different kind of market. Despite its strong federal structure, there is room for initiatives on a state level. Mexico is one of those countries where you're better off teaming up with local companies. That's why events such as El Futuro Solar: Mexico are valuable.”

El Futuro Solar: Mexico will be held in Mexico City on March 6th. The conference is part of the Solar PV Trade Mission Mexico, held between the 3rd and 7th of march. Heavyweights from the national and international solar industry will participate in the 5-day trade mission, such as SMA, Jinko Solar, SolarCity and Recurrent Energy. 

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