Webinar on February 5 - Aftermath

Mexico: Latin America’s most attractive PV market

As a prequel to the Trade Mission and Conference, we hosted a free webinar in which three keynote speakers provided a quick overview of the potential of the Mexican Solar market.

Privatization of both the oil and electiricity sector have been approved by the Mexican Congress last month. As a result private participation in the generation and commercialization of electricity is now possible. This webinar gave the opportunity to learn from and discuss with top analyst John Padilla and project developer Hector Olea, who's company Gauss is developing the biggest project in Mexico yet. 
This webinar also functioned as an introduction to the unique 5-day International PV Trade Mission Mexico from 3 to 7 March, organized by Solarplaza.

We've made the full webinar available for all the live participants. Below you can see a small preview:

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Experienced analyst of the Mexican electricity market

John Padilla /// Managing Director - IPD

John is a partner and Managing Director of IPD Latin America (www.infrastrategy.com), a U.S. based independent energy consultancy specializing in above the ground risk in the oil and gas industries in Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. John has been directly involved in the company's expansion into Mexico in 2001, Colombia in 2009 and Peru in 2013. After 20 years in New York, John relocated and has been based in Bogota, Colombia since April 2011. John’s ten years of Wall Street experience in structured energy and infrastructure financing and deal-making add a unique perspective to IPD’s consulting services. He directs a range of consulting efforts at IPD, including its due diligence practice, forecasting, and other strategic client-oriented efforts.


Experienced analyst of the Mexican electricity market

Adam James /// Solar Analyst - GTM Research

Adam James is a solar analyst with GTM Research, the market research and consulting arm of Greentech Media. He leads GTM’s coverage of downstream global markets, and has developed the company’s specialized quarterly coverage of the Latin America region. Prior to joining GTM Research, Adam worked at the Center for American Progress where he published extensively on defining public policy solutions for advancing clean energy and addressing climate change. Adam also founded the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, a not-for-profit that provides training and education services to young people pursuing a career in clean energy. Adam frequently writes for media outlets on a range of issues including clean technology, electricity markets, economics, finance and politics.

Featuring Q&A with:

Developer of Mexico's largest Solar PV project

Hector Olea /// President & CEO - GAUSS Energia

With twenty years of experience in the Mexican energy sector, Hector Olea has actively participated in the promotion and development of renewable energies in the country. Since 2004, Hector Olea is President and CEO of Gauss, a business development firm specialized in Mexico’s energy sector. Gauss activities are focused in the identification, development and structuring investment opportunities in renewable energy projects, which accounts for more than US$500 million in greenfield projects. Currently, Gauss operates the Aura Solar project, the largest photovoltaic project in LatAm and the first utility-scale solar facility in Mexico. Before, he acted as CEO of Suez in Mexico, where he led its transformation into a national energy company. From 1995 to 2000, Mr. Olea acted as Chairman of the Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).